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Beauty Box 5 review by sunset park makeup artist Kimberly Ortega

Review: Beauty Box 5 Subscription

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across a coupon for Beauty Box 5 and decided to sign up to test them out. They were offering two boxes for the price of one, so I figured that would help me better guage the products in the box. Each box is usually $12 a month, so I thought I was scoring a great deal!

Both boxes arrived rather quickly and at the same time! That part got me excited since their website says they won’t be sent at the same time, and the small boxes fit perfectly in my mailbox so I had no issues with delivery. The boxes are a beautiful teal blue color, and are quite lovely, which is why when I opened it I was seriously dissapointed. Everything was packed beautifully, you could FEEL the love and care that went into packaging that box. Yet, the products themselves were a real let down. Not only did I own a few of them already, but some I had never, ever ┬áheard of, and others I had seen in the local beauty supply shops for less than $5.

Box 1:

Beauty Box 5 review | Park Slope Makeup Artist

My favorite items in the boxes were the Nicka K Eyelight Crayon in Brown. I actually already
own quite a few of these crayons and use them often as cream bases for eye shadows because they blend really well and only $2 for a large amount of product, but I did not have the brown color yet so I was happy to add it to my collection and it worked as well as I expected. I also really loved the BellaPierre Lip and Cheek stain, which I found out retails for $20 on its own! The soft pretty pink color would work well on almost any skin tone, and I put it right in my kit after playing around with it.

Box 2:

Beauty Subscription Box review | Sunset Park makeup artist

For $6 a box this seemed ok, but as makeup lover first, and a makeup pro second I was pretty pissed I even bought this box in the first place. This box is definitely geared toward new makeup lovers and enthusiasts and the only ones I would recommend this for. However, this is also a newer service and they probably may work with better brands in the future. While I did get more than the value of the box, the most expensive item was the cheek and lip tint and I had never heard of it before, but I did enjoy it the most. All in all, I personally would pass on this box, but if you are new to make up and subscription boxes or don’t mind trying obscure brands then this box is worth a try for you, especially if you snag a coupon for them. Another pro to this box is that they did send more full size products than samples in both boxes, but again, maybe they will be able to work with better brands in the future and I be willing to try out another box when that happens.

I did enjoy the whole experience of getting a surprise box of makeup in the mail though, so I decided to sign up for a few others so I could see which was the best. Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite boxes I should add to my try list!