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The difference between professional, high-end, drugstore makeup and cosmetics

Hey Everyone ❤

I was recently asked what is the difference between drugstore brand makeup and high end expensive brands. So today I want to share with you guys my thoughts on this subject, I separate makeup into 3 different categories: drugstore/street Makeup, designer/high end makeup, and professional makeup.

In order to understand the difference in your makeup products, you must first understand the ingredients that are used in the creation of makeup. I won’t get too technical here but all products are created with minerals, micas (colors/pigments), and additives of course it is more complex than this but all products usually contain these ingredients. Minerals usually form the base with the addition of additives, and the micas are added to create the colors.

Street makeup is the makeup most women wear on a daily basis, this usually consists of drugstore brands and sometimes a mix of designer makeup. Drugstore makeup is mass produced for profit so what they often do is dilute their products with Titanium Dioxide. This allows them to lower the pigmentation and specialty ingredients level of the products so they can charge much less for them. Now this doesn’t mean they are bad or crappy, this just means they are more ideal for younger girls who don’t need a lot of makeup coverage or everyday wear. I DO use drugstore makeup if I am just headed out to the park or store or running errands, but this is not the stuff I want to use if I know I’m taking pictures or being filmed as today’s cameras are able to catch every TINY detail thanks to the invention of HD. Using drugstore cosmetics for professional photos or even photos taken with a high quality camera will result in your makeup often looking washed out, too light or ashy, and sometimes just "off" in general. However, there are quite a few improvements in today's drugstore brands and many items can be considered pro quality as well. Very rare is the makeup artist without a few drug store staples in their kit.

Designer makeup is what I call the stuff you would normally find in a Sephora or other major department store, some of it can and is very great for professional usage and some of it is just a name brand that profits off their name. Keep in mind Sephora DOES carry some professional quality products. These products can be hit or miss, you have to read the ingredients and determine if the price is worth it or not. For example: I love Urban Decay but many professionals do not use this brand of eyeshadow but for my everyday wear I love it, but since it mainly contains talc the colors are not as vibrant on camera as they appear on me in person so I would not use this to do a bride’s makeup. However brands like Smashbox, Makeup Forever, Dior and Lorac are all “designer” brands of makeup that are also professional quality. These brands are usually beautifully packaged and can range from expensive to affordable.

Professional makeup is basically anything a professional makeup artist would use on a regular basis. These products are designed to last all day, usually are water/sweat/heat proof, and photograph beautifully even in HD. These products are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way, to fall into this category I would say they have to be at least 50% pigments. These products can also be somewhat different from what most people are used to and require proper technique to use them properly. I have seen many girls on YouTube raving about some of these brands and they have a 1lb of it on their face. The beauty of pro products is they are so pigmented that you only need to blend a tiny bit out at a time to achieve a natural flawless look.These brands include; Makeup Forever, Cinema Secrets, RMCA, Kryolan, and Face Atelier. These products are often expensive and come in very simple or plain packaging.

So there you have it, a crash course into the difference in makeup products and of course there is more behind it than this, but, I just wanted to give you makeup newbies some insight into why some products work better than others, why you look amazing in person and terrible in pictures with certain makeup, and how to choose your products wisely. Please keep in mind that there are many dirt cheap products out there that ARE at a professional level and I will keep reviewing them and sharing them all with you!