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Review: Kiss InstaWave

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I have been a big fan of Kiss Products since their nail days, now that they are branching out into cosmetics and hair appliances; I am really excited to see what they bring to the table! I carry all their plumping lip glosses in my kit already, and I enjoy quite a few of their cosmetics for my personal use, so when I was offered the chance to try their new InstaWave, I jumped at the chance!

Kiss InstaWave Review | How to use Kiss Instawave | KIss hair appliances

Kiss InstaWave sounded like a dupe for the Instyler, but it’s not, it is different. It’s a fully automatic tangle free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls. This means no more worrying about tangling, burning your fingers, or perfectly wrapping sections of hair around the wand. I was glad to see that is was reasonably priced at $60. The instructions seemed simple enough, and I love using a curling wand to make sure my curls are frizz free ringlets all day, but I am also pretty useless at hair and was worried I would tangle my hair to oblivion with the InstaWave.

The first thing I noticed about the InstaWave? The settings; there is a curl dial with two settings, one for left and one for right. Then there is a high, low, and off button to control the heat. The high heat setting maxes out at 420˚ and there is also an indicator light so you know when the InstaWave is ready to use.  I also noticed the wand was really shiny, like it was covered in glitter.

Kiss Instawave Settings | Kiss Instawave easy to use | Kiss Hair ProductsKiss InstaWave | Curling wand reviews | Hair curler wand | How to curl your hair

One thing I would say about the Kiss InstaWave is there is a definite learning curve if you are new to doing your own hair or using rotating appliances. I recommend using the rotating hair catch with the heat off a few times, as I did get my hair wrapped around wrong because I was not used to it. Luckily your hair doesn’t actually get tangled in the wand, as it slides right out quite nicely, by pulling the wand downward. However, you really don’t want to have that happen with the heat on! Once I got the hang of it, I was done with my hair in less than ten minutes! I DID MY WHOLE HEAD OF THICK CURLY HAIR IN LESS THAN TEN MINUTES! Since I have curly hair, I wasn’t going to straighten it first. I simply brushed out my curls and started with a full frizzy mess, applied some argan oil, and got to work. I was really impressed with how easy it was to use it in both hands on either side of my head, and with how I never had to touch the iron, it truly is automatic and no more wearing weird gloves or burning your fingers!

Look at these naturally gorgeous curls!

Curly Hair | Curls | Black to blue ombre hair | Black and blue ombre | Black hair | Blue hair | Kiss InstaWave


  • No burning your fingers
  • Heats up in under 2 minutes
  • Easy to use, no directions required
  • Automatically shuts off after 90 minutes
  • Can be used like a regular curling wand also
  • Low heat setting is hot enough to style my curls



  • Need to practice to use correctly

Having to practice before using it is the only con I found, and I only recommend this part so you don’t risk any heat damage if you are a newbie to hair like I am.

I definitely plan to get some serious use out of my Kiss InstaWave. My favorite thing about it is that I can also use it like a regular curling wand. After I finished my hair and combed out my curls, I chose a few loose strands to curl around the barrel without using the rotating hair catch and they look beautiful! Not burning my fingers for once was a huge plus for me, and with winter here I know my curls will also look frizz free with my InstaWave!

If you would like to see me demo the Kiss InstaWave, you can check it out on my Instagram! If you want to learn how to use it or where to buy it then visit the Kiss Products website here.

Beauty Box 5 review by sunset park makeup artist Kimberly Ortega

Review: Beauty Box 5 Subscription

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across a coupon for Beauty Box 5 and decided to sign up to test them out. They were offering two boxes for the price of one, so I figured that would help me better guage the products in the box. Each box is usually $12 a month, so I thought I was scoring a great deal!

Both boxes arrived rather quickly and at the same time! That part got me excited since their website says they won’t be sent at the same time, and the small boxes fit perfectly in my mailbox so I had no issues with delivery. The boxes are a beautiful teal blue color, and are quite lovely, which is why when I opened it I was seriously dissapointed. Everything was packed beautifully, you could FEEL the love and care that went into packaging that box. Yet, the products themselves were a real let down. Not only did I own a few of them already, but some I had never, ever  heard of, and others I had seen in the local beauty supply shops for less than $5.

Box 1:

Beauty Box 5 review | Park Slope Makeup Artist

My favorite items in the boxes were the Nicka K Eyelight Crayon in Brown. I actually already
own quite a few of these crayons and use them often as cream bases for eye shadows because they blend really well and only $2 for a large amount of product, but I did not have the brown color yet so I was happy to add it to my collection and it worked as well as I expected. I also really loved the BellaPierre Lip and Cheek stain, which I found out retails for $20 on its own! The soft pretty pink color would work well on almost any skin tone, and I put it right in my kit after playing around with it.

Box 2:

Beauty Subscription Box review | Sunset Park makeup artist

For $6 a box this seemed ok, but as makeup lover first, and a makeup pro second I was pretty pissed I even bought this box in the first place. This box is definitely geared toward new makeup lovers and enthusiasts and the only ones I would recommend this for. However, this is also a newer service and they probably may work with better brands in the future. While I did get more than the value of the box, the most expensive item was the cheek and lip tint and I had never heard of it before, but I did enjoy it the most. All in all, I personally would pass on this box, but if you are new to make up and subscription boxes or don’t mind trying obscure brands then this box is worth a try for you, especially if you snag a coupon for them. Another pro to this box is that they did send more full size products than samples in both boxes, but again, maybe they will be able to work with better brands in the future and I be willing to try out another box when that happens.

I did enjoy the whole experience of getting a surprise box of makeup in the mail though, so I decided to sign up for a few others so I could see which was the best. Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite boxes I should add to my try list!

Ben Nye Media Pro Ultimate FX Palette Camera Ready Cosmetics CRC Kimberly Ortega

Review: Ben Nye Media Pro 18 Color Ultimate FX Palette

I knew for my first review I would want to talk about the Ben Nye Media Pro Ultimate FX palette. This is a palette I use on just about every single job because it is so versatile and easy to carry around. The Ben Nye Media Pro Ultimate SFX palette comes with 18 shades, since it is marketed for special f/x this palette has a wide spectrum of colors, which makes it ideal for customizing any makeup look. As a professional or aspiring professional, this palette will provide you with versatility and variety in a sleek compact.

Ben Nye Media Pro Ultimate FX Palette Camera Ready Cosmetics CRC Kimberly Ortega

Each cream based color is the perfect combination of creamy and waxy, meaning it’s not as emollient as, say, the Makeup Forever Flash Palette. This makes it perfect for adding to foundations without altering the texture, as well as the ability to use directly on the skin, I have used this palette to custom make foundations in a pinch. Each color is pigmented and true to pan, take a look at these swatches below:

This palette comes advertised as having a built in mixing palette to save time and space, however, after spending an obscene amount of time trying to take it apart, I conclude that the built in palette feature must mean the flat surface of the packaging, or the mirror inside because I still haven’t found it, but even after trying to take it apart, I couldn’t. My clumsy self has dropped it quite a bit too, and it has held up really well.

Used here to create a custom foundation:
Ben Nye Media Pro custom match foundation

The palette is often compared to the Makeup Forever Flash palette, but I find this palette much better. The sleek packaging keeps the palette safe from damage, and the fact remains that you get more colors with this one for less money. , its not so creamy that it slides around on the face, which makes it a great eye shadow base too. At retail pricing each color comes out to about $4.40, while the MUFE Flash Palette comes out to about $8.33 a color. Huge difference! If you are undecided on which one to purchase, I highly recommend this one.

For Consumers: As a consumer, I don’t know any real value of this palette for you guys, unless you do your own makeup A LOT. While many of the colors can be mixed to make new ones and work wonderfully as highlighters, contour creams, and even eye shadow bases or blushes and lipsticks in addition to being used to color correct and FX work, I doubt you will ever truly get full use out of this palette unless you are a serious makeup lover who dabbles in various styles and techniques. Otherwise, I would suggest passing on this item and instead opting for something like the Ben Nye Rainbow Wheel instead, remember you can make any colors from white, black, red, blue, and yellow! So have fun with it and get to mixing!

 You can order this palette here.