DIY: At home spa series – 2 Ingredient brightening facial mask

So today I decided  I would treat myself to a little at home spa day and overdose on old episodes of Boardwalk Empire. I really love the whole DIY facial idea, I do them ALL the time and I save trips to the salon for when I need extractions or any other treatments better left to the pros.

When choosing a face mask I often mix up the ingredients based on any skin issues I am having, but I wanted to try a twist on a facial mask I had done before and liked. This facial mask only uses two ingredients and as soon as you peel it off you will see a beautiful difference in your skin! Your pores will be unclogged and your skin will just glow, all in under 20 minutes! You can also use your microwave for this if you want, but I prefer heating things on the stove because you have more control of how hot it gets, this is not important for this recipe, but some ingredients should not be heated much to preserve their properties.

So the first thing you have to do is gather your ingredients, for this one we need a packet of unflavored gelatin and a lemon:

DIY face mask ingredients by sunset park makeup artist Kimberly Ortega

Squeeze the lemon juice and heat up. Meanwhile, add the gelatin to a bowl.

Once the lemon juice is nice and warm, add it to the gelatin. The more you add the thinner the mask will be. Equal parts of gelatin to lemon juice is a good start.

DIY Brightening Face Mask for the skin by brooklyn makeup artist Kimberly Ortega

Mix. I like to make mine thinner for easier application. Smells so yummy!

Face Mask at home, DIY spa day, NYC makeup artist Kimberly Ortega

Apply to your face, and let dry. Avoid getting any on any facial hair or you will enjoy a free wax, if you get it on by accident just rinse that part off instead of peeling. Once you apply, enjoy looking like a plastic doll! lol

I made mine too runny! It was dripping EVERYWHERE! I’ve made this before, so try to use equal parts of lemon juice to gelatin.

Once it’s dry, it will start to crack and you can peel it right off. If you have any problems removing the mask or little bits stuck on your face you can easily rinse them off in warm water. It takes about 15-30 minutes to dry depending on how much you apply, it also has a slight tightening effect that I liked. Give a final rinse in cold water, apply some moisturizer, and enjoy the results! Easy Peasy!



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