10 Skin mistakes you’re probably making

For the longest time I would get little breakouts along my forehead and cheeks or chin and could never figure out why. I am very strict about my skin care routine, so this was really getting on my nerves, until one day I noticed some patterns in my breakouts and daily life that could be causing my breakouts. Here I list some common skin mistakes you are probably making and how to avoid them.
Common skin mistakes by makeup artist kimberly ortega brooklyn ny
1. Chatting on the cell phone all day.
When you’re glued to your phone, you kind of forget it’s attached to your face. If you aren’t cleaning your phone screen then all that bacteria from your fingers and face are just sitting there spreading themselves all around. Clean your phone screen at least once a day!
2. You wear glasses.
The reason for all those breakouts on my forehead and temples was partly my glasses. Sure, I cleaned my glasses when they got dirty, but I wear makeup almost daily and eventually I found some of it caked under the lens, hiding in the hinges, and under the nose pads. Make sure you are cleaning your glasses daily, or wiping them down with alcohol if you don’t wear makeup to avoid spreading bacteria.
3. You don’t drink water
Whenever someone tells me they don’t drink water, after my initial shock I start looking at their face. People who don’t drink water age faster, your skin needs moisture, from the inside AND the outside. Water also helps keep toxins flushed out of your body. Water IS life, so drink up and watch your skin plump up after your body is properly hydrated. I carry a giant bottle of water around with me all day and drink. I make sure I drink a second one at home. Space out your water consumption for best results and to avoid running to the bathroom every 10 minutes.
4. You eat like crap and never exercise
Sure a healthy weight or weight loss is a nice perk to eating well, but eating healthy foods leads to better skin too. If you can’t or won’t eat healthy fresh foods, then at least invest in quality supplements and get your vitamins that way. Your skin gets vitamins and water LAST as far as your body is concerned your vanity is the least of its worries. To reap the skin benefits of a healthy diet you must change your lifestyle, but I promise the perks extend beyond weight! Exercise increases blood circulation and keeps muscles firm.

5. You LOVE makeup
A common misconception is that makeup causes breakouts, but really, the failure to properly remove makeup causes breakouts.  You are leaving something full of chemicals and heavy ingredients in your skin, and it’s not enough to just wipe it off with some makeup remover and call it a day. You have to get it ALL off. No matter how tired you are, wash your face! I tend to do this when I get home so when I am ready for bed it isn’t such a chore. Keep in mind, some ingredients can be irritating to skin too, so you have to pay attention to what is inside your cosmetics and make sure nothing is bothering your skin. Bismuth and fragrance are usually big culprits for most people, although even something like talc can bother some skin types. Another culprit in this category? Not washing your makeup brushes!!! I am a little appalled by the number of clients and people I meet who say they never wash their makeup brushes. You are applying your makeup with a brush covered in old bacteria, old makeup, and dipping it into your makeup and on your clean face. STOP! It’s as gross as it sounds, and although the risk is slightly less when you only use everything on yourself, there still is a risk for breakouts, skin infections, and skin reactions.

6. You smoke
We all know smoking is bad for you, but it’s really terrible for your skin, you are basically surrounding your face in a cloud of toxins multiple times a day. Quit smoking and enjoy younger looking skin in just a few weeks. Not to mention all the other health benefits of quitting.
7. You love to tan
Growing up in the 90s, no one told us we HAD to wear sunscreen, in fact we mostly avoided it out of laziness or just because sunscreen was so heavy and greasy. These days we know the problems of skin cancer, sun spots, and skin damage caused by the sun. We also have access to tons of sunscreens that aren’t greasy or heavy at all, we have sprays, lotions, and sunscreen built-in to our makeup. There is no excuse to skip the sunscreen, and this is probably right up there with smoking for aging skin at a rapid pace. Slather on at least SPF 30 daily NOW and you will reap the rewards when you’re hitting old age.
8. You don’t sleep on your back
Did you know sleeping on your face causes wrinkles? Especially if you sleep on the same side? You may not realize it, but if you go to your dermatologist I bet they can tell you what side of your face you sleep on with you even saying anything! Sleeping on your back allows your skin to breathe, and it keeps your face off your pillow case. If you must sleep on your side, invest in silk or satin pillowcases and change them often. Changing them often prevents bacteria buildup, and using fabrics like silk or satin allow your face to glide over the fabric and are less likely to cause creasing and wrinkles in the skin from increased pressure.
9. You have a crazy schedule
Lack of sleep causes dark circles, dehydrates skin so wrinkles are more visible, and throws off the way your body functions by causing stress. Remember your beauty is your body’s LAST concern, if you don’t take care of your health it will show there first. Getting plenty of sleep is hard some times but make a schedule and stick to it until it becomes second nature. At least 7 hours is ideal but the more the better! Keep stress levels to a minimum as high levels of stress can affect your sleep schedule also.
10. You hate routine
Ask anyone with great skin their secrets and most will tell you about some awesome product they are using, but the reality is it’s not just the products you use, but how often you use them. If you are not consistent you will never know if a product truly works for you or not, and you won’t see results as intended. Not everyone needs the same skin routine, but you should be following the basics every day to keep your skin healthy and clean. Wash your face, keep it hydrated, don’t sleep in makeup. These little tips add up to healthy skin when done on a daily basis.
Are you making any of these mistakes? If so, I challenge you to keep up your skin care routine for a full 60 days! Let me know if you notice any changes after 60 days, many of you will see results even sooner than that! Remember that flawless makeup starts with a flawless base, so keep on top of your skin care and you won’t even need such heavy makeup anymore.


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