Ben Nye Media Pro Ultimate FX Palette Camera Ready Cosmetics CRC Kimberly Ortega

Review: Ben Nye Media Pro 18 Color Ultimate FX Palette

I knew for my first review I would want to talk about the Ben Nye Media Pro Ultimate FX palette. This is a palette I use on just about every single job because it is so versatile and easy to carry around. The Ben Nye Media Pro Ultimate SFX palette comes with 18 shades, since it is marketed for special f/x this palette has a wide spectrum of colors, which makes it ideal for customizing any makeup look. As a professional or aspiring professional, this palette will provide you with versatility and variety in a sleek compact.

Ben Nye Media Pro Ultimate FX Palette Camera Ready Cosmetics CRC Kimberly Ortega

Each cream based color is the perfect combination of creamy and waxy, meaning it’s not as emollient as, say, the Makeup Forever Flash Palette. This makes it perfect for adding to foundations without altering the texture, as well as the ability to use directly on the skin, I have used this palette to custom make foundations in a pinch. Each color is pigmented and true to pan, take a look at these swatches below:

This palette comes advertised as having a built in mixing palette to save time and space, however, after spending an obscene amount of time trying to take it apart, I conclude that the built in palette feature must mean the flat surface of the packaging, or the mirror inside because I still haven’t found it, but even after trying to take it apart, I couldn’t. My clumsy self has dropped it quite a bit too, and it has held up really well.

Used here to create a custom foundation:
Ben Nye Media Pro custom match foundation

The palette is often compared to the Makeup Forever Flash palette, but I find this palette much better. The sleek packaging keeps the palette safe from damage, and the fact remains that you get more colors with this one for less money. , its not so creamy that it slides around on the face, which makes it a great eye shadow base too. At retail pricing each color comes out to about $4.40, while the MUFE Flash Palette comes out to about $8.33 a color. Huge difference! If you are undecided on which one to purchase, I highly recommend this one.

For Consumers: As a consumer, I don’t know any real value of this palette for you guys, unless you do your own makeup A LOT. While many of the colors can be mixed to make new ones and work wonderfully as highlighters, contour creams, and even eye shadow bases or blushes and lipsticks in addition to being used to color correct and FX work, I doubt you will ever truly get full use out of this palette unless you are a serious makeup lover who dabbles in various styles and techniques. Otherwise, I would suggest passing on this item and instead opting for something like the Ben Nye Rainbow Wheel instead, remember you can make any colors from white, black, red, blue, and yellow! So have fun with it and get to mixing!

 You can order this palette here.



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